Fun Factory - Wooden Cheese Threader

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BrandFun Factory

Age Groups3 years and up

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A tasty introduction to lacing! Little hands will develop motor skills and eye-hand coordination as young children thread the attached cord and wooden mouse through the holes in the cheese.

The lacing motion is quite soothing and enjoyable for children. A great way for pre-schoolers to learn finger control in preparation for writing.

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My girl quite likes this although I find the 3+ age warning a bit ridiculous as I expect she will be totally over such easy hand eye threading by three - 18 months is perfect. It is beautifully made and finished in wood but as a result is very heavy and at the end of a string is prone to being waced and swung against things - not a result of being given to an 18 month year old either, as my 4 year old is even more culpable. However, unlike the Threading Apple with Worm (we were given this too) the Cheese is fairly un-aerodynamic so it's not too bad. Altogether, a very pretty gift for a wee one but don't leave it with delicate furniture unattended.

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