Intelliquest Interactive Books



Release Date2008-05-22

BrandLagoon Books

Awards2006 Educational Toy of the Year - Australian Toy Association

Age Groups7 years and up

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The award winning IntelliQuest is a range of quiz and puzzle books with a unique interactive twist. The IntelliQuest Quizmo hand-held computer knows every answer to every question in every IntelliQuest book. It's a fun way to test your skill in a broad range of fascinating subjects and the computer even keeps your score! Questions range in difficulty and there are over 200 questions in every book! You need only one IntelliQuest Quizmo Computer no matter how many IntelliQuest books you collect. It's the brains behind the books! Click here to view the IntelliQuest Quizmo Computer.

IntelliQuest Quizmo and books are sold separately.

Intelliquest Book titles available::

Scary & Savage Planet: Questions about the extreme forces of nature. Can you battle the elements in this quiz? For ages 10 and up.

Magic Mathematics Tutor: Make learning mathematics fun! This will help and kid between 7 and 11 to become a whizz with numbers. For ages 7 to 11.

Super Spelling Tutor: Improve your spelling the fun way! For ages 7 to 11.

Test Your I.Q: It's time to give those brain cells a wicked workout with these puzzles! Your IQ may just be pushed to the limit! For ages 11 and up.

Test Your Lateral Thinking: Exercise your brain matter with these challenging puzzles. Just remember to think outside the box! For ages 11 and up.

Gross & Yucky Human Body: Do this quiz to discover the gruesome secrets of the horrible human body featuring a gross-out collection of questions, this quiz will make you proud to be a human! For ages 7 and up.

Gross & Yucky Scary Stuff::Be scared Ė be very scared. Donít be afraid to answer all these yucky questions, just donít let the answers keep you awake at night!For ages 9 and up.

Gross & Yucky True Trivia: You wonít believe these truly weird facts! Can you spot the gross but true correct answers? For ages 7 and up.

Fun & Freaky Environment: Think global with everything you never knew about the world we live in. Going green has never been so much fun! For ages 7 and up.

Gross & Yucky Bad Taste: This gross-out quiz is full of the world's yuckiest stuff. Is it in the worst possible taste or just good fun? You decide! For ages 7 and up.

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