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Tuff Trike

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Age Groups2 to 5 years

DevelopmentGross motor

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It's not called 'Tuff' for nothing! This Trike really stands up to the rough treatment given out by active toddlers. Easy to ride and lots of fun!

With its steel frame, the Tuff Trike will stand up to years of punishment giving value for money. The blow molded wheels with rubber vinyl tyres are quiet running and long lasting. The adjustable seat and handle bars allow for your child's growth.

Also available is a Tuff Trike trailor and push pole accessory allowing the caregiver control over the bike - great for building up your child's confidence when they begin riding.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE it - my boys are rough but this bike can handle them :)


This is a fantastic trike, extremely well built and at the best price i have seen anywhere


We have just bought one of these trikes for our 2 year olds birthday. She absolutely loves it. The only problem is that her 4 year old sister loves it just as much, so it will be definitely getting alot of use.


These trikes are amazing. I bought one second hand but still in good condition. It has been well loved and well used. My 6 year old still rides it and prefers it to his two wheeler. My youngest can't wait to reach the pedals!!


I ran over my son's Tuff trike with my 4WD and it was only slightly "customised" - would recommend for durability! (No, he wasn't on it at the time)


I am 61 and I also have ridden this excellent trike under strict directions given by my 4 year old grandson.My only complaint is that I found the seat most uncomfortable.It is a very strong,durable and fun trike.


I was going to buy another brand of trike for my daughter but just loved the style of the tri-ang it's so much cooler, and I love blasting people out of the park when we cruise in and tri- ang it out!!!


Out of all the things I have for the kids this is one of the best, purchased for my son 6 years ago, its still going strong, for my 3 year old. It has had a pretty tough life, and done miles on the poultry farm that I worked on, on the concrete lanes, my only comment is that they should have a mile meter on it so you know exactly how far they have travelled. I always put away at night and it still looks great


AWESOME TRIKE!!! and loooooooks o so CUTE! I have brought one for my daughters 2nd birthday :) and I plan on buying one for my nephew and younger daughter :)


An oldy but a goody!!! These Trikes have really stood the test of time and that is so important. I have a photo of my husband as a wee one riding his identical trike and now my 2 yr old has one that he LOVES. True Value for Money - a must have for any Kiwi Kid.


we have 2 of these bikes now, one for each boy. They are very hardy bikes and when the dog ate parts of them I found it pretty easy to source replacement bits... ours stay outside in all weather which has caused a bit of rust on the older of the two bikes (Had it almost 2 years now) but nothing terminal.


Bought a purple tuff trike for our daughters 2nd birthday and she LOVES it. Cute colour and probably one of our best buys. Definetly tough and will last a long long time.


Best Buy! This trike is an absolute must if you are wanting a classic trike that is well built and suitable for children from 2 up. It is real value for money and your little ones will have lots and lots of fun with it.


I had this exact same trike when I was little and my mum still had it at her place up until last year when we had to retire it after many faithful years of service haha this Christmas we will be getting one for miss 2, wonder whether we'll be able to add another generation after this, no doubt the trike will be able to last that long. thank you for making such good quality bikes!

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